Our Team

Our account managers are some of the most successful industry leaders with broad experience in targeting audiences, consumers and penetrating worldwide markets both in digital platforms and social media channels.

Elior is the company's business manager. His job includes handling any and all negotiations with the company's suppliers, strategic clients and partners. Elior used to work for Intel and Mobileye. He is a gamer that spends at least two hours each night in front of the screen, playing digital games with players from around the world, but at the same time he is the proud owner of classic 1990s arcade games.

Elior Yechia
Chief Executive Officer

Matan is the company's COO who manages its flagship project – the pet store. Matan trains new employees and guides and controls the professional teams' work. Matan loves several things in life, one of them being his job, and if anyone takes away the times he "has to work" (meaning most of the day…) he immediately starts to fidget. When, at last, Matan isn't busy, he is entirely devoted to his wife and little girl, and when there's some more time he'll always be seen surrounded by his army of friends.

Matan Yechia
Chief Operation Officer

Liel is a professional Content Officer that knows how to capture the audience's ever-changing taste and thus manage the messages the company produces. Whether through creating original content or purchasing content from artists around the world, Liel always delivers the goods that make content go viral and scorch the internet. Liel also lives the online digital gaming world, but never misses out on camping in the woods around Jerusalem at least once a month.

Liel Dahan
Chief Content Officer

Ram is the company's joker and everyone already knows not to argue with him because they'll always lose. Ram specializes in techniques that target the content to the audience of any specific assets and in the ways of presenting content on any page. He doesn't share his secret recipe with anyone. Ram loves to stay at home, usually standing in front of his barbeque that feeds his many guests.

Ram Museri
Chief Digital Officer

Idan is the professional officer in charge of the company's original productions and creative. He runs the video production studio. Idan is a rare video and graphics editor that never lets go until he deems the work perfect. Idan has the soul of an artist, and in his spare time he enjoys photography, painting and sculpting in wood which he uses to manually construct furniture and household items. Idan seems slightly lost in meetings. He starts doodling countless images in his notebook or on the page before him and sails off to distant realms, which quickly translate into yet another lethal creative.

Idan Eliyahu
Chief Creative Officer

Daniel is the kind of person that has a hand in everything that happens in our company, sort of like our very own human leatherman. It only takes one glimpse at Daniel's many excel charts to realize that he keeps track of every comment and knows absolutely everything that happens on our social media pages. When he's not working, Daniel takes care of his beautiful firstborn daughter Shaya or playing tennis with his friends.

Daniel Knaan
Social Media Manager

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